IRS HVUT Form 2290 Online Filing For The Tax Year 2023-24

Pre-Filing of Form 2290 for the Future Tax Year (July 2023-June 2024) is in progress. IRS stamped Schedule 1 (Proof of payment) will be emailed after 01-July-2023 as soon as the IRS starts accepting 2290 electronic submissions.

Taxseer2290 is the leading IRS Certified & Authorized e-file service provider of online form 2290 - Schedule 1 and form 8849 - Schedule 6 for Business Owners and Tax Preparers. e-File form 2290 or amend your return (for VIN Correction \ gross weight increase \ mileage increase ) or claim credits (Form 8849) for sold \ destroyed \ stolen \ low mileage vehicles through the step-by-step Taxseer2290 online wizard. e-File Form 2290 online and save your time and relieve youself from printing and mailing paper forms and waiting for long time to receive your Stamped Form 2290 Schedule 1 through mail.

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Why Taxseer2290 is the leading e-file service provider?
Some of the reasons that make us the leading e-file service provider are:
  • A new user can complete and submit the form 2290 e-file containing 5 or less vehicles within 10 minutes through Taxseer2290 without any training.
  • We provide the IRS stamped schedule 1 (proof of payment) in your email within 5 minutes of the online Form 2290 submission.
  • Our Excel bulk upload is not just the loading of the vehicles information in bulk. You can submit the complete form 2290 filing for one or more business through a single Excel file. We have more than 25 Tax Professionals regularly filing for more than 1000 businesses each using our bulk upload and this has been the big differentiator.
  • Our service charges are very competitive considering the high quality of the product.
  • Our customer support is always available even during the off-peak time.
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What is Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT)?
HVUT is the annual tax assessed on heavy vehicles that operate on public highways and having taxable gross weight equal to or more than 55,000 pounds. If the heavy highway vehicle is registered in your name at the time of its first use during the tax period then you should file Federal Tax Form 2290 before the Form 2290 due date and obtain the IRS Stamped Form 2290 - Schedule 1 (Proof of payment).
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How to e-file form 2290 & 8849 through Taxseer2290?
Click here to know about how to e-file Form 2290 online through Taxseer2290. Before you start, it is important to know the Pre-requisites for IRS HVUT Form 2290 e-filing to perform easy & error-free submission. It just takes a minute to sign-up with Taxseer2290 by just providing your email address and phone#. Click on the Start Filing option on the home page to start a new return or file an amendment (VIN Correction, Gross Weight Increase, Mileage Increase) or claim credit for sold, damaged, or stolen vehicle. Our smart filing wizard guides user step-by-step to complete and submit the filing to ensure the quick delivery of IRS stamped Schedule 1.
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Why should you e-file form 2290?

New truck owners often have questions in their mind as to why e-file 2290 form instead of filing paper form directly with the IRS. There are many benefits of IRS HVUT form 2290 e-file using the services of, an IRS approved e-file service provider , including the Form 2290 - Schedule 1 delivery within 10 minutes of filing by flexibly using multiple IRS Payment Options . To start your Form 2290 e-file, you should have the information about the Employer Identification Number (EIN) of the business, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of the vehicle(s), Taxable Gross Weight of the vehicle(s), Third Party Designee information, and the IRS Payment Option that you would like to use to pay your truck taxes. Clear unserstanding of Form 2290 Taxable vehicles, Suspended vehicles, Logging vehicles, and Agricultural vehicles will go a long way to prevent you from over paying your HVUT to IRS. You can perform IRS Form 2290 Amendments for VIN Correction, Taxable Gross Weight Increase, and Mileage Increase. Claiming credit for sold / destroyed / stolen / low mileage vehicle(s) can be easily performed by filing form 8849 - Schedule 6 (other claims). If you fail to e-file form 2290 before the due date then HVUT Penalties are imposed by the IRS for the delay and a separate notice is sent for the same.

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- Taxseer 2290 Online Offerings

Online Form 2290 For Enterprise & Small Business

IRS HVUT Form 2290 Online Filing for Small, Medium & Large Truckers

If you are a trucker with a vehicle that has a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more, you are required to electronically file HVUT Form 2290 to get a stamped copy of your Schedule 1. Use eWallet, Bulk Upload, and Filing Wizard to complete your filing quickly.

Form 2290 Online Filing For Tax Professionals

IRS HVUT Online Form 2290 For Tax Professionals

Our multi-tenant IRS E-File solution allows Tax Professionals to manage unlimited Business filing information under one single account and freely perform HVUT Form 2290 Online filing for their Vehicles. Use the Bulk Excel upload feature to upload multiple business data through one file.

IRS HVUT Online Form 8849 - Schedule 6

IRS HVUT Online Form 8849 - Schedule6 (Other Claims)

File Form 8849 online for sold, stolen, destroyed or low mileage vehicle(s) on which the tax was paid on Form 2290 and the vehicle was used 5,000 miles or less on public highways (7,500 or less for agricultural vehicles) during the tax period..

Excise Tax 2290 & 8849

HVUT Online Form 2290 - Amendments / Corrections

File Online Form 2290 Amendments for any required corrections in the VIN, Taxable Gross Weight increase, and Mileage exceeded.

- Online Form 2290 Service Pricing - As low as $9.99 for a single vehicle

Our users are amazed at our utter cost effectiveness and simplicity of design which has facilitated flawless e-filing of HVUT Form 2290 by 99% of our users without any support from us.

Form 2290 Pricing

Small Business
(1 Vehicle)
Small Business
(2 Vehicles)
Small Business
(3 Vehicles)
Small Business
(4 to 24 Vehicles)
Mid-Size Business
(25 to 100 Vehicles)
Large Business
(101 to 500 Vehicles)
(501 to 1000 Vehicle)
Unlimited Filer
(Single Business)

Other Pricings

VIN Correction

VIN correction whether the original return was filed with us or not

Form 2290 Amendment

E-File Form 2290 Amendments for any errors or changes to the original returns

Form 8849 - Schedule 6

Claim refund or credit for sold / stolen / destroyed / low mileage vehicle